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Part of the mail client suite, SPAM Filter was developed as a POP3-proxy. SPAM Filter intercepts incoming mail, fetches messages from the mail server and then sends them to your mail client for further processing.
By adding your mail server address to the right settings in your mail client, the mail client will fetch the mail to the specified server.
The program is able to tell whether the mail is SPAM or not. If the program identifies a mail as SPAM, it will place the mail message in a DB. You can check your DB regularly to see whether there is a mail you want to receive. If not, simply delete the mail from your DB.
Please note, the program is not responsible for the contents of SPAM messages. The message is filtered by the SPAM filter software and becomes the final message for your client mail system to deliver.
Virus Detection
SPAM Filter can also function as a “perfect” virus scanner. It checks whether a mail you want to receive is a virus. If it is, the program will not deliver it to your mail client and will instead place the mail message into an DB. You can check your DB to see whether you want to receive that message. If not, simply delete the mail from your DB.

A virus scanner is always an indispensable program for any computer owner, but it can be a bit time consuming to constantly make sure that the virus scanner is working properly. Even with all your computer viruses “in quarantine” and virus definitions updated, you can still miss an infection from time to time.
That’s where VirGuard 8.0 comes in. This is the newest virus definition update from the makers of a popular definition update program, VirGuard 7.0.
VirGuard 8.0 includes an “Automatic Update” feature which allows you to simply press one button to update your virus definitions. The update will start in the background. When it’s finished, it will notify you that there are some updates to your virus definitions.
This is a very effective and time saving way to stay protected against known viruses. Simply by pressing a button, you are protected against the latest viruses.
This feature can be found under the “Tools” menu at the top of the program.
Another unique feature with VirGuard 8.0 is that it is 100% ad-free. There are no annoying banners and you don’t have to pay for it.
It’s 100% free!

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SPAM Filter Activation

With SPAM Filter you can keep your inbox clean and easily manage your email communication. The program actively monitors incoming mail messages from all the possible mail-sources (POP3, IMAP, SMTP etc.), so you will get all the incoming messages in one single click.
SPAM Filter is the most powerful email detection and filtering solution.
With the help of neural network-based filtering, SPAM Filter can detect SPAM emails and sort them according to their similarity to the real mail messages in terms of the source, the headers and the content of the mail messages.
SPAM Filter comes with the list of predefined SPAM email patterns that can be easily inserted to the filters. If your mail messages do not match to these patterns, SPAM Filter will use its own rules and is able to detect the SPAM emails on its own.
SPAM Filter has the feature to either allow or reject all incoming mail messages. You can simply choose which ones you want to allow or reject.
SPAM Filter automatically identifies SPAM emails from the list of predefined SPAM email patterns and automatically sorts them according to their similarity to the real mail messages in terms of the source, the headers and the content of the mail messages.
SPAM Filter also comes with a feature of email saving to its database. It is able to place all the SPAM messages in one single folder so that you can easily check them later on.
Main Features:
Support Email of most popular mail-client
Effective SPAM filtering algorithm
White and Black List to filter mail messages
SPAM Filter notifies to the message when the SPAM filter has been modified
Most of the popular POP3/IMAP mail-clients supported. SPAM Filter is also compatible with the mail servers that send emails through the SMTP protocol.
Compatibility with SPAM-filtering rules-based technology
Tracking of incoming mail-messages
Automatic notification of incoming mail-messages
Contains filter-rules for most popular mail-client
Easy to use
High effective anti-spam algorithm
Unlimited mail clients support
SPAM Filter can automatically recognize email messages sent by different mail clients as long as you configure your mail client settings correctly. You can configure your mail client to send the email messages to the local folder. In this case SPAM Filter can monitor all the incoming email messages and notify you when the SPAM filter has been modified.

The Comodo Email Security Plug-in is an

What’s New In SPAM Filter?

SPAM Filter is a powerful anti-spam application that detects and filters unwanted messages as they arrive. Anti-spam technology has improved greatly since the day it was first invented, but SPAM Filter is still the best, and has been proven to be the most effective for years. For a small monthly fee, we’ll keep track of your incoming email and, if a message is flagged as SPAM, you’ll be notified immediately via email. The tool can also be used to set up rules to automatically delete messages that are not destined for you, or that arrive from particular senders. So, you can set the tool up so that you can check your inbox for incoming messages, and either delete them or flag them as SPAM (or both).

SPAM Filter Benefits:

Keeps your inbox clean and uncluttered.

Works with any email-client or POP3 mail server.

Recovers previously blocked or marked as SPAM messages.

Allows to set up rules to automatically delete unwanted messages.

Provides high level of security.

White list and black list functionality (allows you to specify what to receive and what to block).

Using SPAM Filter:

SPAM Filter offers a clean interface with a simple On/Off and easy to follow setup wizard. You simply need to set up your email-client, enter the SPAM Filter URL and your email address and that’s it – SPAM Filter will be watching over your incoming messages as you receive them.

What’s New in v2.1.5:

Fixes a possible null pointer dereference in the mail parser that can lead to a crash.

Fixes a rare issue with some contacts that might not work right away, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Small improvements to make the app more user-friendly.

How To Use SPAM Filter:

After you download the SPAM Filter installation package, extract the downloaded archive to a location where you have write access.

Double-click the installer and follow the instructions to install SPAM Filter.

Please note that you may need to change some settings in your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) to get your mail to work correctly with SPAM Filter. Please consult your email-client help manual or email your email-client provider for more info.

Have any questions, issues, comments? Please email

What’s new in v2.1:

The new version of SPAM Filter not only keeps track of your incoming mail, but it also lets you manage your mail through our web-based mail interface.

The new version includes support for Exchange 2003.

Now you can easily share your SPAM Filter with your friends and family, so that they can also keep track of their incoming mail without having to

System Requirements For SPAM Filter:

Mac OS X:
SteamOS + Linux:
Additional Requirements:
Uninstalled games are verified by the Archive Verify software provided by the developers, and are playable on older hardware. However, a game that is installed on SteamOS may not run on older versions of Steam, if those are the only options provided for installation.
For optimal performance, we recommend connecting to your home wireless network.
Archive Manager
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