Space Heater Keeps Shutting Off 5 Reasons Why It Doesn’t Work and How To Resolve It

Space Heater Keeps Shutting Off

Spray the filter with compressed air to remove dirt and grime that has built-up. I was employed in the electronics industry , where I participated in creation of heat measurement equipment and thermostats. If the issue continues to persist then it’s usually best to purchase new heaters.

What causes space heaters to cause fires?

Plug your space heater into another outlet on the wall and verify that it’s functioning properly. If the space heater is running indefinitely without stopping when connected to a different outlet, it is likely to have the correct case. Reconnect it to the outlet that is defective and check whether it stops working again just to be sure. In this instance it’s ideal to have an electrician examine this for you. They can test the power source of the wall outlet. If you don’t have the money to hire an electrician, another method to test the power is to take your space heater to a relative or family household member’s home.

The Heater is not properly sized To The Room

Tip-over protection can be described as a security feature which automatically shuts off the heater if it tips over. A heater that tip-overs due to, for instance, the presence of a pet, or a child running up against it, could pose a fire risk in your residence. When the circuit breaker is triggered and you are in a position to not start an electric space heater. If you get it to turn the space heater on, it will probably turn itself off.

It will be impossible to switch the space heater when the circuit breaker is triggered. If you do manage to switch on the space heater, it’s likely to be shut off.

Space Heater Keeps Shutting Off

Why does my electric heater Switch On and Off Rapidly?

If the filter is suffering from an accumulation of dust and dirt and dust, the cool air that is coming from the room isn’t able to pass through the vents and reach the components inside. The elements within the heater flash a more intense orange or red than normal because they’re not cooling in the same manner. From a technical point of view both cases are similar. In both instances, your space heater is not receiving enough power and stops working.

When you’re trying run several space heaters at once this could be triggering on the circuit that is running. Find the circuit box at your home to determine whether any switches are being activated. Try to use less heaters simultaneously or spread them over different circuits .

Space heaters that shut off suggest that something’s happening. You don’t want to operate heat-producing equipment when you’re aware that they do not perform reliably every day. For space heaters that are powered by oil The heating element usually is larger in size that can generate heat when compared to a mica-based electric heater.

Short cycling causes lots of stress on the parts of your heater, nearly double its work load. A furnace can be switched on and off between 3 and 8 times in an hour. When your heating system is switching on and off faster in excess of this frequency, do not believe that it’s short-cycle. The thermostat might be located in a wrong position that stops it from getting an exact temperature measurement. This causes the thermostat to send incorrect signals to the heater.

The first floor in our home includes two heaters linked to a thermostat. One is working fine, however the other is constantly stopping and requiring me to switch off the front panel and press the reset switch.

Do all space heaters have Auto Shut-Off?

Spray the interior of the heater using an air compressor to remove dust and other debris. If you’re taking care of cleaning the space heater with cover, aim at the heater’s vents as well as slats using the duster’s compressed air nozzle. Portable heaters allow you to warm only the areas you’re looking to warm, not the entire house. The heater will turn off and on once it is at a certain temperature and keep the space cozy and warm, without having to run continuously.

Space Heater Keeps Shutting Off

It is necessary to turn off the power supply to the heater and then remove it from its wall to examine the electrical connections. If you don’t replace your air filters regularly enough, they get dirty and blocked and the heat exchanger is able to hold heat, which eventually causes it to overheat.

Sometimes, it’s an easy issue of a socket that is damaged or malfunctioning and in dire need of repair. Space heaters typically consume as much as 1500 Watts, or 1.5 kW to run and produce heat with maximum efficiency. The heater may be turned off and back off if it’s not receiving enough power to convert it into heat. If it’s not properly connected the correct way, loose connections can cause it to switch off and on repeatedly. The portable electric heater may be switched off and on when you’re using it to warm only one area and it’s too large or powerful for that space. The reason is that a huge heater is able to heat the room at a high rate and shut down when it reaches the desired temperature. If the sensor for overheat is not working properly, it may be reporting an overheating, even though there isn’t one and cause the electric heater to continue shutting off and turning on.


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