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The OxyGenerator application helps users to develop GUIs quickly and easily, mainly with the use of a graphical designer coupled with the corresponding code generator. The user can quickly design the GUI through the graphical designer and then control it to be instantaneously transformed into the target language code.
OxyGenerator will be available for free and can be downloaded from the application’s web-site.
Source code:


Grouping data records based on some common attribute is a very common requirement in order to develop efficient and effective databases. Clustering is often a natural starting point to achieve that goal, and most of the grouping methods can be based on any type of attribute like, for instance, textual contents, numerical values or binary data. In the latter case, one of the most promising clustering algorithms is Maximum Likelihood clustering (MLC) which has gained wide popularity in recent years thanks to its simplicity and flexibility.


As the name of the algorithm indicates, MLC consists in maximizing the probability of observing a given input set, under a given condition which can be represented by a clustering model. The model for a given clustering case is represented by a clustering vector, where each component represents the probability of assigning a given input record to a given cluster. For example, an input record will have a zero component when it is not assigned to any cluster, while its components are incremented when the input record is assigned to a cluster.

In general terms, the input data records are assigned to a cluster according to the likelihood function provided by the model. The most common condition is that the number of input records in each cluster is the same as the number of input records in the whole set. However, this condition is rarely met in real-world applications. In fact, when the number of input records in the whole set is greater than the number of input records in a cluster, a new cluster should be created in order to assign the missing input records.

In the classical setting, the clustering model is represented by a vector of sizes of clusters, where each vector element represents the size of a cluster. For the case of multiple clusters, the model is represented by a vector of cluster memberships. In the later case, the membership vector is a binary vector that indicates the cluster membership of each input record. The model can be a normal mixture model, which is a special case of the general multinomial

OxyGenerator License Code & Keygen

Key macro converts given password string into another valid one, which is very useful for providing users with enhanced usability of their password.
OxyGenerator User is not able to set the application’s minimum font size, since it’s not working properly with screen resolutions greater than 1366 x 768 pixels.
OxyGenerator User can set the application’s minimum font size by using a special command-line parameter, which supports this requirement.
An alternative workaround to this problem is to ensure that the font size is kept as low as possible, since the application doesn’t rely on font sizes above 10 for its primary display.



Enterprise Mobility Framework Developer

The Enterprise Mobility Framework (EMF) allows users to extend the capabilities of their applications by offering a set of abstractions in the direction of mobile device management, including device provisioning, configuration and application management. By focusing on simplicity and flexibility, the Enterprise Mobility Framework delivers a set of features that can be combined to create new and innovative solutions.
OxyGenerator is a special tool that helps users develop and implement EMF solutions with a simple graphical interface. It was developed specifically for this purpose.
The application can be used to design and configure new EMF solutions or to extend existing solutions by easily implementing new functionalities. It supports the use of the EMF as a plugin, and uses the EMF’s standard, XML-based configuration file.
Supported by the Metawizard project, the application provides features that simplify the development process, helping the user with instant feedback about the validity of the configuration and design, as well as providing the necessary information to learn about the capabilities of the plugin being used, all through the use of XML metadata.
The application provides a set of tools that allow the development of simple EMF solutions. It supports the following requirements:
CREATE new EMF solutions:
– generate configuration data (XML) for new EMF instances
– configure EMF instances (identify the target device and the EMF instance)
– generate data for the target device (XML)
DELETE EMF instances:
– delete all configuration data for the

OxyGenerator Free

XML2PDF is a simple tool to convert xml files to pdf. It can convert xml to pdf one file at a time. You can use this program to:

Convert XML to PDF in one click.

Using this xml2pdf, you can convert your entire xml data into one simple pdf file.

Convert XML to PDF in bulk.

XML to PDF converter is a command line program which can convert multiple xml files to pdf format. XML to PDF converter can be executed with batch mode or one by one, using the batch mode, xml to pdf converter is more efficient.

Download XML to PDF converter free now.

XML to PDF Converter Key Features:

Support for many xml file types.

It has a simple GUI for easy data conversion.

Generate PDF with html4 and html5 tables.

Generate PDF with hyperlinks.

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Convert xml to pdf in few seconds.

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XML to PDF converter


File Size:








Source Code:


What’s new:

Add. Some new features.
Fix some bugs.

All Xml to PDF Converter Product Reviews

We all know that the services for converting xml to pdf are not that great. Your xml file format can be converted into pdf by your xml2pdf tool, but that pdf is not what you want.
For example:
There is the name in the xml file is “name”, it will not be readable

What’s New In OxyGenerator?

OxyGenerator is a Maven-based open-source project that aims at giving users the means to quickly develop applications, either relying on the existing data, customizing it, or starting from scratch.

Rather than relying on an existing development environment, users are offered the means to work with graphical models through a series of tools that focus entirely on the use of graphical models as the base working unit. This means that users can rely solely on graphical means for developing applications, without the need to worry about using any programming language or relying on a third party application.
The fact that users can rely solely on graphical means for developing applications has seen a growing interest over the last years. OxyGenerator focuses on simplicity and carrying instant-development feedback, so that it can transpose its structure to almost any programming language. It can be considered as a plugin for the Eclipse IDE, although it can work with other IDEs, provided that they adhere to the UML as the base standard for their development platforms.
The application comes packed with a series of templates and pre-defined generators, which can help users quickly develop new applications, either relying on the existing data, customizing it, or starting from scratch. The application also comes packed with a series of GUI-based tools, which can help users carry out the many tasks that are required in order to develop a complete application. These include template editors, chart editors, data editors, reverse engineering, among others. The templates provided can be easily integrated into new or even older, legacy development environments, since the application also puts emphasis on interoperability.
In terms of technologies, the application is based on the UML, and the use of that standard is also reflected on the XML and XPath standards, which can be easily used for those models. This allows the application to adapt to any new project, or adapt to an existing legacy project by transposing the structure to the standards that the application supports, which can happen either using the templates that come packed with the application or by generating the necessary code through the provided generators.
Since the application focuses on providing developers with a simple and immediate development environment, there is no need to worry about the many solutions that are offered by existing frameworks. Therefore, all that the user needs to do is to choose the tool that is appropriate for his or her needs, whether he or she is starting from scratch, relying on existing data, customizing it, or creating a new model.
The source code can be downloaded from the project’s website, and can be integrated into any Maven-based project. This is supported by an extensive range of code generators and wizards, which can transpose the application’s structure to virtually any programming language.
OxyGenerator Features:
– Maven-based open-source project
– GUI-based tools that focus entirely on the use of graphical models as the base working unit


System Requirements For OxyGenerator:

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel or AMD Core 2 Duo (2.0 GHz) or better
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 3000 or better, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 5000 or better
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 2 GB available space
Minimum Recommended Requirements:
Processor: Intel Core i5-3320




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