Monster House Movie Mp4 Download ##BEST##

Monster House Movie Mp4 Download ##BEST##



Monster House Movie Mp4 Download

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Monster House (2006) is a film from the Sony Pictures animation studio, Blue Sky Studios. The film was directed by Clark Spencer, a co-writer for Windows XP. The production designer Drew Dern is from the production company that has done the animation on such films as Toy Story 2, Shrek 2, Madagascar, Ice Age, and Robots. It was the last film for special effects coordinator Steve Haberman. The film made its debut at the San Francisco International Film Festival, where it received an Excellence in Visual Effects award. Monster House was released in the United States in theaters on July 24, 2006 with The Simpsons Movie being distributed by Sony Pictures in November 2006.
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On October 6, 2007, a PSP movie title listing appeared on the Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide website for the PSP overnight. This was a very rare occurrence and one that has never happened before for any other PSP movie.
Monster House was the first title on the Rated « E10 for Everyone 10 and Older » list, and it was released in the USA (June, 2006) and the EU (2006).



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