How to stop wind from Blowing out the Pilot Light on a Water Heating System

How to stop wind from Blowing out the Pilot Light on a Water Heating System

You could have a problem with the ignition that could trigger the indicator light for the ignition to stay on and off. If you have gas heaters, you must check the valve that releases.

A Water Heater Burner Blower Blows Through The Pilot Light

The air inside the windows and exterior walls is thick and flows down to the floor. The warm air is drawn higher into the room, and causes drafty air to flow throughout your home. Without a chimney cap your house could be damaged through debris. If you live in a windy area there could be an extensive wind draft in your home without the chimney cap. Before you check any of the components, be sure that you shut off the gas supply to your main appliance and then wait for five minutes. The pilot light shield will protect the pilot light and help keep it from being out.

Next step is locking your windows, and then applying weatherstripping to the windows. It is essential to secure your windows otherwise air will be able to get through. Also, applying weatherstripping around your windows will stop any drafts remaining from coming through. It is the first thing to determine where the draft of wind originates from. You can do this by lighting a candle and putting it in front of windows and doors. The flame will begin to flicker as the wind blows through.

Insufficient gasoline in your air can cause the risk of a dangerous situation that can result in massive fires. In the beginning, it is important to examine the state that your heater is in. The most frequent issue that can cause this is a defective thermocouple. Examine it to determine whether it’s broken or dirty or if it is not properly aligned. If not, look for air leaks or quality of the gas regulator.

Make sure you can see flames and hold the ignition button for a whole minute. After that you can switch the gas valve “on” and you’ve finished the process. It is not advisable to start the gas to ignite which could cause a fire risk as well as an explosion.

How to stop wind from Blowing out the Pilot Light on a Water Heating System

If you have an electric water heater and reside in a windy and cold area, then you should to know how to prevent the winds from blowing out the pilot light from your water heater. But, the most likely cause when the light on the pilot constantly fading itself is a defective thermocouple. The thermocouple is a security device that operates together with the gas valve’s main. If it is not working, it will shut off the flow of gas through the regulator in the cabinet of the heater which will prevent the burner to be lit. Water heaters are equipped with safety measures installed to stop gas leaks. The safety features won’t permit gas to escape when your pilot light doesn’t be turned off automatically.

Age and corrion aren’t typical in the area, especially when it’s been there for a long time. If the valve for release seems to be damaged or dirty it is likely that you require cleaning or replacing certain components.

Sometimes, drafts are still present within your home even though you’ve closed everything. If this is the case issue, it’s probably due to the way the air cools inside your home. There are some experts who can repair a malfunctioning primary control valve. However, most manufacturers suggest you replace the valve completely when you’re experiencing issues. This will allow you to avoid costly repairs and damage to other components in your furnace. It is possible to repair this with straightening any knots within the tube’s flex. If the thermocouple’s output is less than 20 MV, then it has replacing.

Will the Pilot Light Be Out When The Gas is Off?

You can be thankful to the thermocouple, which shuts off the gas valve when the pilot light is out thus avoiding the danger. The thermocouple that is defective doesn’t detect the flame, and cuts off gas supply. If you are tempted to blame it on the thermocouple check it out in case it’s dirty as it may affect its effectiveness. It is easy to clean the device and the flame will come back on. The thermocouple’s pipe is of copper So make sure that it’s cleaned thoroughly prior to turning the flame on. There’s also the chance that you’ll need replacement of the thermocouple in case it’s broken completely.

How to stop wind from Blowing out the Pilot Light on a Water Heating System

The water in the tank is not warming up and you’re not seeing the pilot light. This is a step-by-step instruction to stop the pilot light from going out below. In this case, the heat reaching the thermocouple’s sensors will not produce the required electrical current needed to keep the vent open. Although rare, it could occur if the appliance has been damaged, knocked over the wall, or the clips that hold the thermocouple in its place begin to rust through. The flex tube in your water heater is the thing that connects the gas control unit to your burner for the pilot and thermocouple. If it’s damaged or blocked, the burner for the pilot light won’t receive the gas it requires to function correctly. It’s usually not a risk when the pilot light is allowed to turn off on a gas-powered water heater.

How to stop wind from Blowing out the Pilot Light on a Water Heating System

If you’re unable not to get the light illuminated regardless of what you try then it’s an opportunity to explore alternative alternatives that don’t need the pilot light. Be aware that we’re focused on propane water heaters within this piece because they use an electric pilot light to warm the water inside the tank. However there are exceptions to the rule that the majority of gas-powered water heaters have the pilot light therefore, make sure whether your water heater actually does have a pilot light prior to going forward.

The most common reason is to replace things at the end of a pipe however, consult your owner’s manual for more details. If you’re using the electric heater it could be the issue is related to the wiring.


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