How to Install A New Water Heater Step-by-Step W

How to Install A New Water Heater Step-by-Step W

The whole house is without water until you have installed an entirely new valve. In the event that you have already installed a ball valve, or should you decide to keep the gate valve then you can turn it off. This way, your home will be able to drink cold water while you are working (toilets are still working!). Take note of the lengths of both hot and cold water lines. Despite the flexibility of these connectors however, it is essential to determine what size you need. They are available in a range of 12-24 inches, based on the size of the heater. I prefer 12 inches at home since it’s the perfect dimension for my furnace.

The water connections are identical and you do not have to worry about gas piping or venting. For more information on scenarios different from the ones we describe here, look up “replace the water heater” above. Switch off the supply line and then drain the tank. Following is turning off cold supply and then I turned on my hot water tap to empty the water from the container.

Then , install nipples. This is followed by threaded fittings, and “stubs” in the form of pipes. Place the pipe in place so that it is marked with the length.

Make the cut as neatly and straight as you can. Make sure your pipe does not have any scratches or debris. If you’re working with copper pipe, take away the sharp edge or any burrs that are on the pipe. Hot water can result in severe burns quickly and cause serious injury or even death. Install thermostatic mixing valves at every point of use to minimize the possibility of scalding.

How to Install A New Water Heater Step-by-Step W

This can be best determined by a professional in plumbing however, most homes work best with a 20 to 50 gallon heater. If you own a larger home, a heater of 60 to 80 gallons might be the better option. Certain homes that are extremely large contain multiple water heaters that assist in reducing the need for water.

Step 15 Step 15: Install Compression Fittings

Remove the line of cold water just above the gate valve that was previously used to allow space for a replacement ball valve. If you are looking to replace or repair copper plumbing in your house then the SharkBite fitting is the best option. Sharkbite fittings are approved to be used underground and behind walls, however installing them behind walls could be dangerous. The SharkBite fitting is fitted with an O-ring of rubber that is not the best choice for connections that are permanent. If they’re using thread seal tape, take off the tape, and clean the connectors. When you attach the connectors, be sure that your water heater is shut off and cleaned prior to starting work on the tank. Take off the old connectors and replace them with brand new ones.

Installation Getting Started Hot Water Tank

Every code requires a valve to be placed on the water lines that are cold. Although the codes do not require it an additional valve for the hot line can make future water heater replacements easier. If the original blow tube is too small it is possible to use 3/4-in. If you are using galvanized pipe take out threads on the bottom of the pipe to prevent anyone from cutting off the blow tube in the event that it leaks. T&P valve is leaking. When the “isolation” valve on top of the water heater is a gate valve we recommend replacing it with the ball valve . Make sure you select the “fullport valve.” Gate valves typically fail to close or leak. If you want to replace the valve you’ll need to close off the water source at the valve’s main point .

If Your Water Heater Starts to leak, it is time to replace it Quickly

This allows the pressure to be removed from the heater, and also empty some water out of the tank. Shut off the faucet as soon as the line starts to sputter. Lift the small lever at the top of the relief value to relieve any remaining pressure in the tank. The relief value on front of your tank, or on the sides. Close all doors to the outside and windows , and switch on your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans. Open a tap to hot water until feel the gas burner of the water heater start to ignite.

Remove your blower from the pressure and temperature (T&P) valve. It is possible to use it again on your new heater. If you’ve got some basic plumbing skills then you can change the water heater yourself and save anywhere from $200 to $400 in plumbing costs. We’ll help you replace a traditional propane water heater. The process is similar for propane heaters.

How to Install A New Water Heater Step-by-Step W

The closest hot water faucet again. Switch on the valve for cold water supply to refill the tank.

Flexible copper lines be found in lengths of 12 – 24 inches. You should buy lines that are the same as the length of your current water lines. The pan needs to contain a drain pipe which connects to a house drain or any other location that is approved . The pressure relief and temperature valve discharge tube should also be connected to a drain in the event that leaks could cause damage to flooring. If it is difficult to route to determine the best route, consult your local plumber. Turn off all cold-water supply for the heater. Open the nearest hot water faucet that is connected to your water heater.

After turning off the faucet, the handle must be placed at an position with the pipe. Switch off your main supply of water and then drain the lines by opening a tap at the bottom of the floor. In any event, if you’re contemplating a replacement for your water heater be sure to take your time. Call the local inspectorate department and inquire if you require an approval.


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