Fix Windows 10 Activation Error Code 0xC004F012 \/\/TOP\\\\

Fix Windows 10 Activation Error Code 0xC004F012 \/\/TOP\\\\



Fix Windows 10 Activation Error Code 0xC004F012

When the error 0xc004f012 occurs, you have to fix it on your own without doing any other methods. This should strictly be taken care first before you proceed even though the next method is easier. If you have below basic knowledge of Windows activation then you might have a hard time in fixing the error and ultimately losing your Windows. But now that’s not a big deal as there is a way to fix this issue.

When the 0xc004f012 error occurs this means that the error is happening on your own. And this is totally something to be fixed on your own as the laptop isn’t any help here. This error can be caused by a lot of things such as the registration of the product key, missing or corrupt licensing repository or even if the Windows 10 is activated for another account.

You might think that recovery is the only way to fix the error, but that is not true. Many a times the error 0xc004f012 is caused due to some sort of malware which affects the Windows and that’s why it won’t boot or it won’t start at all. So, if you are in that condition then you need to restore your laptop from the backup you have created.

Once the recovery’s done and the laptop has booted into the Windows 10, make sure that the windows 10 is activated for your account. You can use the Product Key or make it active with the help of a new product key.



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