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BADLAPUR is the kind of dark, revenge-fuelled thriller that Hollywood have been accustomed to making in the last decade. It bears the hallmarks of earlier films like TAKEN or MAN ON FIRE, featuring a broken protagonist out on a mission of revenge, although it should be noted that it’s a rather subtle and slow-burning revenge in places as BADLAPUR has a rather overlong running time and a very slow pace throughout.The twist, of course, is that this is an Indian film. I’ve not seen much in the way of Bollywood cinema, typically limiting myself to older fantasy or horror movies, but I was sufficiently impressed by this film to want to see more. While the story is dragged out too much for my liking, the direction is fine and the cinematography is very good indeed, with lots of bright and vivid colours and scenes making a great change from the usual dull greyed-out colour palette favoured by Hollywood and its imitators.This isn’t really an exciting or action-packed movie as it’s more thoughtful than that. The villainous characters seem to have a greater focus and more characterisation than the actual hero. It’s also a pretty dark story, with an odyssey of revenge leading to plenty of violence, and the female characters are treated particularly badly by the story. There are a couple of very violent interludes which are shocking considering the film’s genteel pace elsewhere. It’s a thoughtful and thought-provoking movie well worth a watch for those looking for something different compared to the usual Hollywood norm.



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