Afroman-The Good Times Full Album Zip \/\/FREE\\\\ ⬜

Afroman-The Good Times Full Album Zip \/\/FREE\\\\ ⬜


Afroman-The Good Times Full Album Zip

This Christmas album isn’t just a compendium of cover versions and obscure one-off tracks that rarely see the light of day. No, there’s a full album’s worth of quality new material, too. That’s no lie. You’ll get the original ballads like the slightly creepy “Silent Night” and a single new cover. The rest of it runs the full range of slowcore, down to the slow, shiver-inducing title song. It’s a mildly offbeat listen: soothing music that still manages to reveal some serious quirks.

For anyone not already familiar, this album wasn’t really a surprise. It was a fun collection of past fan releases and covers of other Christmas songs, put out under Saint Etienne’s standard of minimalist, pleasingly subdued, achingly slow, or just a little creepy and odd music.

But only 3,000 copies were made, and for an extra expense, buyers could get a signed Christmas card and a personalized song. In its place is a more unexpected Christmas story, told by the singer. It takes the form of a story told by Costner, who has been famous for several movies, including Diverting Dennis, Christmas and Cast Away.



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