Aerofly Pro Deluxe Add On Models

Aerofly Pro Deluxe Add On Models


Aerofly Pro Deluxe Add On Models

After you have worked out how to calibrate, you need to register your Aerofly FS2 FS2. There is a registration link on the Aerofly website. When you register you get a registration number, that you can use in the FS2 front panel. You will need that as you need to enter it in the FS2 front panel to set up your radio, along with your model. This number is valid for the current firmware version. Do not confuse it with your FS2FS2 registration number, which is your FS2 FS2 serial number.

Setting up Setup After you have registered, you need to download the FS2 FS2 firmware upgrade. This is avaliable from the Aerofly website. You will need to download it for the model that you are installing on, for example the Aerofly FS2FS2 flight software download was available for the Aerofly FS2FS2. You will need to install the receiver, transmitter and the extended antennas and then calibrate the aircraft, unless you have done that already. The basic process is somewhere along the lines of : Select the radio from the front panel and put them on. Then choose firmware upgrade from the menu and click on it. This will bring up a window asking you for your PC serial number. Enter this and then click upgrade. Now wait… it might take a while. Once the upgrade has completed, unplug the receiver, transmitter and antennas and power down the radio. You need to do this as otherwise you cannot set up the aircraft. The next thing is to calibrate, start the aircraft and run through all the stages of the programme, the first time on static is not advised. This is where your radio comes into its own. Aerofly FS2FS2 works best when the receiver is set to the centre frequency, as this frees up the channel for the transmitter. Aerofly FS2FS2 also needs a nice clean reception but this will eventually be added to the setup. The FS2FS2 has its own switch on the right side panel and if you turn this on, you must also have your radio on. If you have a problem with the model, you might find this switching the radio off helps. If you can find the manual, a small plug that goes into the socket will help.



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